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Election 2020 Resources for Families

Elections are a teachable moment for families to connect around shared values and discussions around the essential question, "How should we live together?" has curated a number of resources to use at home to help our youngest community members how "we the people" take action at the ballot box to "form a more perfect union."

Information About Voting in Illinois

Talking to Kids About the Elections

  • The Let’s K12 Better Podcast features civics educator Amber Coleman-Mortley and her children discussing current and societal issues related to social justice. A more recent episode is a conversation between Amber and her daughters that Connects the Dots about how informed voting can be an act of anti-racism. We discuss how important it is for eligible voters to show up and take their vote seriously and hold their elected officials accountable.
  • National Geographic has a guide for Talking to Kids About the Election.
  • The American Psychological Association has tips for parents and caregivers about "Talking to Children About the Election."
  • This article from National Geographic Kids shares, "How the election can spark civic engagement in kids."

Fun Family Activities for Learning About the Election Process

  • Games can be a fun way for families to start conversations around voting. iCivics has a number of games that can be played at home to understand the election process. Their Win the White House Family Guide includes a game guide and family activities to extend learning. Resources are also available in Spanish.
  • The Great Electoral Race from the Mikva Challenge is a digital scavenger hunt that shows how everyday people can get involved in the election.

Researching Candidates as a Family and Understanding Questions on the Ballot

  • Project Vote Smart’s Vote Easy platform compares candidates in both presidential and congressional races by their positions on key issues.
  • Looking for some online quizzes to match your family members with candidates? Try iSideWith or
  • Ballotpedia has resources to see who is on the ballot in your region.
  • Ballot Ready provides resources to investigate every candidate and referendum on the ballot.

Resources for Navigating the News and Sorting Truth from Fiction

  • Spot the Troll quiz from Clemson university ask users to examine images of real social media content and decide if it is from a legitimate account or an internet troll.
  • The News Literacy Project has a plethora of resources to help families be wise consumers and producers of information including a weekly podcast, Is that a fact?, a free mobile app called Informable as well as tips and tools.