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Supplemental Materials

Remote Learning Toolkit

COVID-19 has upended many of the routines and traditions that undergird our lives. IllinoisCivics.org has curated a number of resources to help you and your students navigate the challenge of remote learning.

Media Literacy Toolkit

The proven practices of current and controversial issue discussions, simulations of democratic processes, and service learning are contingent on a student’s ability to consume and produce information to address essential questions facing our constitutional republic. This toolkit provides classrooms with tools to help students wisely consume and produce information.

Lesson Plans

Illinois Civics has created the following lesson plans to support the teaching of the required high school civics course in Illinois. Check back often, as more lesson plans will be added.

Anti-Racist Classrooms

Our schools are plagued with the same structural and institutional racism present in our larger society; therefore we must actively engage in the work required to make schools more racially equitable and democratic. Culturally responsive teaching, when executed with intention, is one practice that cultivates more equitable learning experiences for all students.

LGBTQ+ History

The Inclusive Curriculum Law, signed by Governor J.B. Pritzker on Aug. 9, 2019, mandates that by the time students finish eighth grade, public schools must teach them about contributions to state and U.S. history made by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Illinois Civics.org has curated a number of resources to help educators meet the Inclusive Curriculum Law.

Elections and Voting

Teaching about voting and elections is an opportunity to engage students in the proven practices of civic education outlined in the 6-12th grade civics course requirements. IllinoisCivics.org has created a toolkit to provide resources and lesson plans to support this important work.