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Curriculum Toolkit

The Illinois Civics Hub Curriculum Toolkits provide tools for civics education across five proven practices.

Safe and Reflective Classrooms

Students must feel safe and secure in the learning environment. Student voices should be included in establishing and maintaining expectations.

Current and Societal Issue Discussions

Facilitating student-to-student discussion provides students an opportunity to deliberate essential questions facing their community.

Direct Instruction on Democratic Institutions

Formal instruction in civics and government, history, economics, geography, law, and democracy increases young people’s tendency to engage in civic and political activities over the long term.

Service Learning

Informed action through service learning allows students to apply academic learning to real-world problems that are important to them. Service-learning differs from community service or volunteerism in that the action is informed by the curriculum.

Simulations of Democratic Processes

Simulations of democratic processes allow students to "do civics" in a safe environment to learn and practice knowledge skills and dispositions.