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Elections and Voting

Elections and Voting

Teaching about voting and elections is an opportunity to engage students in the proven practices of civic education outlined in the 6-12th grade civics course requirements. IllinoisCivics.org has created a toolkit to provide resources and lesson plans to support this important work.

Why engage students in voting and elections?

  • The Teaching for Democracy Alliance has materials to equip teachers and administrators to engage students in elections and voting in a productive and safe way.
  • Should School Teach Students to Vote? YES! by Diana Hess explains how teachers can impact young people’s involvement in elections by not only teaching about elections but also about how to register to vote and how to go about voting.

Why vote?

  • In To Vote or Not to Vote from PBS Learning Media students will view three short films that explore the importance of voting. Each film/activity examines the topic from a different, thought-provoking perspective.
  • The C3 Inquiry Voting has students investigate the issues behind youth voting and evaluate their interests to determine whether or not they will vote in the next election.
  • How Voters Decide from Crash Course Government and Politics explores the motivations for voting.