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Members of the Illinois Democracy Schools Network may subscribe to the DSN Monthly Update for news, professional development opportunities, and teaching resources related to civic learning across the disciplines in DSN high schools.



May: Annual Convening, CLAD, DSN Grants, Carolyn Pereira Civic Leadership Award, Seeking Advisory Council Members, Educating for Informed and Equitable Voting Cohort, Practicing Civic Learning Across the Disciplines, Guardians of Democracy Cohorts, MemberSpeak,

April: Annual Convening, CLAD Series- Sharing Our Successes, DSN Grants, Caroly Pereira Leadership Award, Join DSN Advisory Council, Practicing Civic Learning Across Disciplines, Guardians DSN Summer Cohorts, Memberspeak, Member Spotlight on Retirees

Special Edition: DSN Annual Convening

March  CLAD Database, IMEDIA Survey, Illinois Mock Election, Civic Learning Across the Disciplines Learning Opportunities, Guardians of Democracy Summer Cohorts, Informed and Equitable Voting Summer Institute, Memberspeak, Citizen Math

February: Guardians of Democracy DSN cohorts, CLAD Database, CLAD PD, Memberspeak, Member Spotlight- Civic Buddies

January: On Your Radar (PD, Students Contests and Grant Opportunities), CLAD Resources, Member Speak on Exemplary Civic Learning in 2021, Member Spotlight- Examples of Student Voice.


December: On Your Radar, CLAD Webinar Series, CLAD Resources, Member Reflections on “Not Light, But Fire” Book Club Discussion, Member Spotlight- GoD Participants in Current and Controversial Issue Discussions and Informed Action through Service Learning courses.

November: On Your Radar, CLAD Webinar Series, CLAD Resources, DSN Book Discussion, Convening Feedback, Member Spotlight- Guardians of Democracy Facilitators

October: RFP proposals, CLAD Webinar Series, CLAD Resources, Remembering 9/11, Book Club, Member Speak, Member Spotlight.