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September (Back To School Tools, Responding to School Climate Questions, Professional Development, What Research Says about Teaching History and Civics, CivXNow Policy Summit, Media Literacy Resources, and Redistricting Toolkit)

August (What Districts Can do to Combat Misinformation in Current Culture Wars, 2022 Illinois Social Science Standards, Free Online Professional Development, Microcredentials, Civics Resources)

July (Proposed Revisions to the ILSSS, Summer PD, ABA Virtual Teacher Institute, Constitutional Democracy Project, Binge-Worthy Recommendations)

June (Closure to the School Year, Summer PD, #PoolsidePD, Summer Reading)

May (AAPI Heritage Month, Summer PD, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials, Citizen U, Free Digital Media Courses, Civics 101 and SCOTUS, Sotomayor and Gorsuch Discuss Civics, Changemakers in Action, Bill of Rights in Action, Bringing Closure to the School Year)

April (EAD Roadmap, Stop AAPI Hate, SCOTUS and Free Speech, Ranked Choice Voting, Registart, Trust Me)

March (Curriculum Design Toolkit, Women’s History Month, Strategies for Remote and Hybrid Learning, DBQuest, Teaching about SCOTUS)

February (1st 100 Days, Black History Month, Kami/iCivics, Creating Performance Assessments, 60 Second Civics, Civic Action Project, Remote Book CLubs, Lead 4 Change, Differentiation Resources)

January (Media LIteracy Toolkit, Inauguration Day, Supreme Court Summer Institute, Online Civics PD, PBS Searcing for Justice, Yale Managing Emotions, Civics Across the Curriculum, Citizen U, Better Arguments Project, ABA Preview in the Classroom, iCivics Updates, Guardians of Democracy, NewsLit Camp, NatGeo Online COurses, Reflection Tools for Classrooms)


December (Minding the Gap to Inauguration Day, Guardians of Democracy, Civics Across the Curriculum, Civics Unplugged, ABA Virtual Law Academy, iCivics Ed Network, Street Law Legal Life Skills, Civic Online Reasoning, Civic Action Project Online, Landmark Cases, Ordinary Children Change the World, News Lit Camp, KQED Youth Media Challenge, Teaching Hard History, Authentic Assessment)

November (Processing Election, Veterans Day, Guardians of Democracy Microcredential, Facing History PD, ASSERT Journal, Webinar Archive, ABA and SCOTUS, Responding to Student Trauma, EIU History Conference, RQI Virtual Learning Resources, Current and Controversial Issue Discussion Strategies.)

October (Illinois Mock Election, Webinar Series on the Courts, Civics In Real Life, IDEA Mini-Grants, Teaching the 2020 Election)

September (Remote Learning Toolkit, ISBE Priority Standards, Constitution Day, Anti-Racism Resources, Election Resources)

August (Courageous Conversations to Promote Anti-Racism, IllinoisCivics.org Classroom Toolkits, Addressing Equity through Including Family and Student Voice in Classroom Learning, #Teach2020 Virtual PD, SEL Roadmap for Reopening Schools, Free PD from Illinois Holocaust Museum, Engaging Student Voice for Establishing and Maintaining a Climate for Civic Learning)

July (Anti-Racism Resources, Curriculum Design Toolkit, New Lesson Plans on Judicial Review and Federalism, Ideas for Motivating and Engaging Students Next School Year)

June (Bringing Closure to the School Year, Election 2020 Toolkit, Become a Guardians of Democracy Educator, AllSides Fact Checking Portal, Educating for Informed and Equitable Voting, Summer Reading Recommendations)

May (Online PD, More Resources for Continuity of Learning, Become a Democracy School, Illinois Fair Tax Amendment, Become a Guardian of Democracy Educator, SEL Strategies for COVID-19)

April (Resources for Continuity of Learning, Learning Keeps Going Coalition, Civics In Real Life, Become a Guardians of Democracy Educators, Civic Engagement at a Distance)

March – Remote Learning Edition (Virtual Learning Tools, Engaging Student Voice in Times of Crisis)

March (Political Polarization, Youth in Government Day)

February (Election 2020, Implicit Bias)

January (Civics Microcredentials, Census 2020)


December (ISBE Middle School Civics Guidance, Census 2020)

November (Service Learning, Civics Instructional Coaches)

October (Current and Societal Issue Discussions, Impeachment Resources)

September (Middle School Civics Bill, Constitution Day)

August (Back to School Toolkit, Casemaker)

July(Student Growth, Read. Inquire. Write.)

June Civics in the Middle (Micro Credentials, Social Studies Collaborative Drive)

June (Micro Credentials, Social Studies Collaborative Drive)

May Civics in the Middle (Educators as Advocates for #CivicsInTheMiddle, Hexagonal Thinking)

May (Educators as Advocates for #CivicsInTheMiddle, Hexagonal Thinking)

April (Marginalization of Social Studies, Race to Ratify)

March (Engaging Student Voice, Understaning Presidential Power)

February – Civics in the Middle

February (Civics is Elementary, Navigating Digital Information)

January (CivXNow Movement, Free Speech ED, Resources for 2019)


December (Illinois Bicentennial, Newsfeed Defenders, Teaching the Bill of Rights)

November (#CivicsIsBack Success, Veterans Day, Media Literacy Resources)

October (Equipping Students to Take a Stand, How Do We Reckon With Our Past, Teaching About Elections)

September (NCSS 2018, Lowering the Voting Age to 16)

July (Blog Recap, Justin Jacobek Spotlight)

May (Civic Education Survey, Student Centered Discussion)

April (Curating Civic Instruction, Redistricting)

March (Responding to Tragedy, Fourteenth Amendment)

February (Putting the Pieces Together, Christopher Busse Spotlight)

January (Question Formation Technique, Election Resources)