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December (Service Learning, Redistricting, iCivics Judicial Branch, PD Opportunities, YSA Grant,  Arts and Social Studies, Microcredentials, SEL, Media Literacy, Classroom Culture, Regional Civics Instructional Coaches)

November (Revised Il Social Science Standards, Middle School Civics Feedback Survey, Veterans Day, PD opportunities, PBS NewsHour Classroom, Teaching Contextualization with Bill of Rights Institute, SEL, Student Contests, Women Who Advocated for Change, Presidential Primary Source Project, Summer PD)

October (Media Literacy Week, Guardians Report from CIRCLE, Hispanic Heritage Month, Free PD, CivXNow Policy Summit, Teacher Fellowships, Student Contests, Understanding Executive Power)

September (Back To School Tools, Responding to School Climate Questions, Professional Development, What Research Says about Teaching History and Civics, CivXNow Policy Summit, Media Literacy Resources, and Redistricting Toolkit)

August (What Districts Can do to Combat Misinformation in Current Culture Wars, 2022 Illinois Social Science Standards, Free Online Professional Development, Microcredentials, Civics Resources)

July (Proposed Revisions to the ILSSS, Summer PD, ABA Virtual Teacher Institute, Constitutional Democracy Project, Binge-Worthy Recommendations)

June (Closure to the School Year, Summer PD, #PoolsidePD, Summer Reading)

May (AAPI Heritage Month, Summer PD, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials, Citizen U, Free Digital Media Courses, Civics 101 and SCOTUS, Sotomayor and Gorsuch Discuss Civics, Changemakers in Action, Bill of Rights in Action, Bringing Closure to the School Year)