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June:  Growing Voters, ABA Summer Institute, BRI Civics Teacher of the Year, OAV Family LIfe is Civics Life, TEAACH Act, Street Law Current and Contested Issues, Race, Housing and Opportunity from Retro Report, Let’s Brief the Chief, Civics Hive Podcast, Harvard Case Method Institute, ISSLA

May:  Learn and earn with DIG, TEAACH Act, Civics Hive Podcast, 3 Strikes Retro Report, Harvard Case Method Institute, The Art of Democracy, USDOE Student Participation in Elections, Get Smart About the News, FHAO Democracy at Risk PD, Campaign Weathervane, Illinois Social Studies Leaders Association

April– America’s Field Trip, Learn and Earn with DIG, TEAACH Act PD, Civics Hive Podcast, Law Day, BRI Building Blocks of Progress, Project Sidewalk pilot, EYPC training, ILHMEC Voices of Genocide, iCivics National County Government Month, Campaign Weathervane, Constitution Explained in Spanish, Illinois Social Studies Leaders Association, Kettering Conversations, Retro Report Political Memes, IL Mandates, Learn and Earn with CDP, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials

March: Civic Learning Week, TEAACH, Inclusive History Mandates resources, Women’s History Month, Civic Imagination Project, Digital Inquiry Group, AI Lessons, Illinois Geographic Alliance, Street Law Gerrymandering Resources, Civics Essay Contest,  new Graphic Novel from ILHMEC, Learn and Earn this Summer with CDP, new Administrator Academy from Facing History, NEH teacher Institute, TPS workshop, ABA Summer Institute, ICSS Conference, My Impact Challenge, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials

February– Summer PD with CDP and ABA, Shawn McCusker webinar, resrouces for Black History month, VR and IL Holocaust Museum, Facing History Admin Academy, NEH Teacher Institute in Chicago, BRI Think the Vote, Disability Reframed with PBS, newiCivics game Neighborhood Good, DuPage election workers, TPS in Western IL, Just Inspired Student Contest, Retro Report Free Specch, Street Law for Elementary, Project Look Sharp, NH Civics webinar, ABA Summer Institute, ICSS Call for Proposals, My Impact Challenge, AAAJ TEAACH Act webinars, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials

January– iCivics Middle School Webinar,  Shawn McCusker FREE Webinar, Il Holocaust Museum Student Leadership Days, News Literacy Week, CIRCLE Young Voters, NH Civics Bill of Obligations Webinar, Retro Report Resources for Teaching Vietnam War, ISBE Social Science Standards, Combat Hate MMOT, ABA Summer Institute, Summer Learning with Constitutional Democracy Project and ABA, ICSS Call for Proposals, Nat Geo Slignshot Challenge, Street Law Classroom Champion, FHAO Choices in Little Rock PD, ISU History Symposium, My Impact Challenge, TEAACh Act PD, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials.


December– Shawn McCusker FREE webinar, New IL Social Science Standards and I3 Toolkit, iCivics Well Versed for K-5, Middle School History Course FREE webinar, SCTOUS Free Speech Lessons, ABA Summer Institute, CDP Summer PD, Teach Democracy, Resrouces for Teaching Global Ussies, V-NEP,  Nat Geo Slingshot Challenge, National Humanities Center Webinars, NLP, Is that Fact?  Street Law Classroom Champion, , FHAO PD, EYPC, ISU History Symposium, My Impact Challenge, TEAACH Act webinar, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials.

November-I3 Toolkit, iCivics Middle School History Course, Agents of Influence, IHMEC Student Leadership Day, Middle East Conflict, Street Law Classroom Champion, Diverse Voices of 9/11, FHAO PD, EYPC, Chicago Fire with National Archives, ISU History Symposium, Bill of Rights Institute Website Update, OAV, My Impact Challenge, TEAACH Act webinar, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials.

October– Middle School Civics Report, Native American History Resources, Preparing Future Voters, Street Law Summer Institute, BRI Point-Counterpoint, Civics in Real Life, ABA Speaker Series, Executive Command Game in Spanish, OAV, Combat Hate, Bill or Rights Contest, CDP Call for Proposals, My Impact Challenge, TEAACH Act, Guardians of Democracy

September-Constitution Day, Middle School Curriculum with OAV, Combat Hate!, Bill of Rights Day Student Contest, CDP Call for Proposals, Private iHistory Dectectives, IHMEC History Trunks, Humanities in Class, New CAP Resources, Assessing Student Media Projects, My Impact Challenge, TEAACH Act, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials

August– DSN Convening, Social Studies Network, TEAACH Act, CDP SCOTUS Webinar, How to Fact Check with NLP, Context US, Youth as Solutions, iCivics Summer Learning, Understanding Our World webinar, Above the Noise, Refugess and the Power of Words, National Archives, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials

July– Summer PD with Chicago History Museum, TEAACH Act Webinars from AAAJ, Fall Democracy Schools Convening, Chicano Rights Movement from Retro Report, SCOTUS Justice Table, Inclusive History with CDP, Non-Partisan Teaching on Voting and Elections, State of Media Literacy Policy, Microcredentials

June– Judge Grady Summer Summer Institute at U.S. District Court, 2023 DSN Convening, Administrator Academy, BRI Teacher of the Year, Summer PD, AI Report, National Archives: Gen Z and Civic Engagement, Summer Reading Recommendations

May– AAPINH Month, Jewish American Heritage Month, Implementing ILSSS, BRI Teacher Council, Slavery and the Founding, IMEDIA Summer Workshop, Street Law Rule of Law for All, iCivics the Markets and the Economy, Above the Noise KQED, Freedoms Foundation Valley Forge, Retro Report Courtroom to Classroom, RISE Institute, Guardians of Democracy microcredential,

April– National Week of Conversation, Teaching Inclusive History with the Chicago History Museum, Administrator Academy, PD Opportunities, Preparing for Fin Lit Month, iCivics Bell-Ringers, TAH Resources, TEAACH Act, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials News Lit Resources, Virtual Fieldtrips with IL Holocaust Museum and Ed Center.

March: Civics Learning Week, Start With a Story to Teach Inclusive History, TEAACH Act, Women’s History Month, PD opportunities, Classroom Resources

February: Using SCOTUS to Teach Inclusive History, Administrator Academies, Black History Month, Political Cartoons and Youth Voice, LWV Voter Issues Briefing, ABA/FJC Summer Institute, CIRCLE report, ICSS Proposals, Media Literacy K-5, iCivics People’s Pie, NLP Harm & Distrust, BRI Plainest Demands of Justice, Street Law Summer Institute, TEAACH Act, Guardians Microcredentials, Summer PD

January: Reading Like a Historian for Inclusive History, Administrator Academies, Teacher Webinars, ISU History Symposium, iCivics EdNet, Bill of Rights Institute Plain Demands of Justice, Street Law Summer Institute, Street Law Classroom Champion, Educating for Diverse Democracy, Retro Report Teacher Advisory Group, Illinois Holocaust Museum Teaching Trunks, Bill of Rights in Action, Defusing the History Wars, News Literacy Week, TEAACH Act Webinars, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials, Harvard Case Method Institute, Summer PD


December: Resources Aligned with 6 Competencies of Revised Social Science Standards, ‘Tis the Season for Service Learning, Admin Academies, Teacher PD, Student Contests, Media Literacy with Retro Report, Winter Reading Recommendations

November: The History Wars, Preparing Future Voters Challenge, SCOTUS in the Classroom, Newsguard, TEAACH Act PD, Native American Indian Heritage Month, MyImpact Challenge, Ciena Solutions Challenge, People’s Pie, i History Private Detectives.

October: Midterms as a Teachable Moment, Revised IL Social Science Standards, Constitution Explained, Teaching Inclusive History Academy, ICSS Conference, the Moth, U.S., and the Holocaust Resources, CDP Conference, BRI Constitutional Reasoning, Bill of Rights In Action, Bill of Rights Contest, Harvard Case Method Institute, Storytelling with KQED, Should Admissions be Colorblind? TEAACH Act, Media Literacy Week,

September: Illinois Mock Election, ICSS Call for Proposals, Admin Academies, SCOTUS Preview, CLAD Webinars, Teaching the Midterms, Civics in Real Life, Gilder Lehrman PD, Street Law Teach-In, Ancenstry.com, Growing Voters, Elevate Civics, TEAACH Act, Call for TEAACHers,  Close Up Resources for Constitution Day, Guardians Micorcredentials, On Demand PD, Media Literacy Resources.

August: Resources for Revised Social Science standards, SCOTUS Preview, Civics Learning and Media Literacy Across the Disciplines, CDP Inclusive History PD, TEAACH Act, Growing Voters, IL Mock Election, Guardians of Democracy, OER Conference, KQED Call for Change, QFT and Primary Sources, Confirmation Bias and Motivated Reasoning, National Issues Forum, Harvard Case Emthos Institute, Resources to Build Culture and Support Before Challenging Content

July:  Civics, Standards, and Media Literacy Summer PD, ABA Summer Institute, Illinois Mock Election, Democracy Schools Annual Convening, TEAACH Act webinars, Reagan Institute Summit on Education, OER Social Studies Conference,  CivXNow Coalition, CIRCLE Growing Voters,  Harvard Case Method Institute, Binge-Worthy Recommendations

June:  Civics, Standards, and Media Literacy Summer PD, ABA Summer Institute, iCivics Youth Fellowship, TEAACH Act webinars, Extremism in American from Retro Report, Science Documentaries with KQED, Reagan Institute Summit on Education, OER Social Studies Conference, ELL Resources, National Issues Forum, Bill of Rights in Action, Importance of Current and Controversial Issue Discussions White Paper, CivXNow Coalition, My Voice is Louder Than Hate, Student Voice and Academic Achievement, Global Onramp to Media Literacy, CIRCLE Growing Voters, Blissful Coding Club, Harvard Case Method Institute, Summer Reading Recommendations

May: TEAACH Act, Civics Standards and Media LIteracy, SCOTUS Update, Media Literacy PD and Resources, iCivics Convene the Council, Student Journalism Award, American Civic Education Teacher Award, Being an American from BRI, Fact-Checking from Retro Report, Harvard Case Method Institute,  America’s Voice Project, Combatting Misinformation PD, SB 825, Revised ILSSS, Guardians of Democracy Mirocredentials, SEL for Educators, Local and State Government Resources.

April:  Civics, Standards, and Media Literacy, COR for the Midterms, Harvard Case Method Institute, Untold, Teaching about Ukraine, NBCT stipends, Law Day 2022, Teacher PD, Mural Mosaic, Makers for Change, Active Citizen, MBC, Project Budburst, ELA and iCivics, IL Mock Election, Above the Noise, IMEDIA, Retro Report, SB 825, ILSSS Revisions, Student Contents, SCOTUS Resources.

March: Teaching in Real-Time: Ukraine, State of the Union, ISBE Pilot for ILSSS, The Midterms and Civics Learning, SEL Day, Law Day, IL Mock Election, iCivics AP Resources, Il Holocaust Museum, IL Map Competition, Student Contests, Summer PD, Women’s History Month

February: Understanding SCOTUS nominations, Inclusive American History Commission, Midterm 2020 PD, Il Mock Election, Free PD, Exploring Revisions to IL Social Science standards, Fighting Misinformation, EYPC training, Chicago Metro History Fair, CLAD webinar, student contests, SEL resources, resources for Black History Month.

January– Engaging Student Voice to Recalibrate Classrooms, Revisions to IL Social Science Standards, Midterms as a Pathway to Civic Learning and Media Literacy, Elevate Civics, Inclusive History with IL Holocaust Museum, Transform Learning with EAD Roadmap, National News Literacy Week, O’Connor National Civics Challenge, CRF Bill of Rights in Action, ABA/FJC Summer Institute, Student Voice 360, School Ambassador Fellowship, Global Citizenship through Writing, ISU Teacher Symposium, Stop Hunger Grant, Guardians of Democracy Micorcredentials, SEL for School Leaders, Street Law 2022 Classroom Champion Award, Join the iCivics EdNet, Summer PD, Try Something New in 2022


December -Service Learning, Redistricting, iCivics Judicial Branch, PD Opportunities, YSA Grant,  Arts and Social Studies, Microcredentials, SEL, Media Literacy, Classroom Culture, Regional Civics Instructional Coaches

November -Revised Il Social Science Standards, Middle School Civics Feedback Survey, Veterans Day, PD opportunities, PBS NewsHour Classroom, Teaching Contextualization with Bill of Rights Institute, SEL, Student Contests, Women Who Advocated for Change, Presidential Primary Source Project, Summer PD

October -Media Literacy Week, Guardians Report from CIRCLE, Hispanic Heritage Month, Free PD, CivXNow Policy Summit, Teacher Fellowships, Student Contests, Understanding Executive Power

September -Back To School Tools, Responding to School Climate Questions, Professional Development, What Research Says about Teaching History and Civics, CivXNow Policy Summit, Media Literacy Resources, and Redistricting Toolkit

August -What Districts Can do to Combat Misinformation in Current Culture Wars, 2022 Illinois Social Science Standards, Free Online Professional Development, Microcredentials, Civics Resources

July -Proposed Revisions to the ILSSS, Summer PD, ABA Virtual Teacher Institute, Constitutional Democracy Project, Binge-Worthy Recommendations

June -Closure to the School Year, Summer PD, #PoolsidePD, Summer Reading

May -AAPI Heritage Month, Summer PD, Guardians of Democracy Microcredentials, Citizen U, Free Digital Media Courses, Civics 101 and SCOTUS, Sotomayor and Gorsuch Discuss Civics, Changemakers in Action, Bill of Rights in Action, Bringing Closure to the School Year