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Current and Societal Issue Discussion Toolkit

Current and Societal Issue Discussion Toolkit

Facilitating student-to-student discussion provides students an opportunity to deliberate essential questions facing their community. This is an authentic practice to build and practice content knowledge, civic skills, and dispositions. Watch this one-hour webinar for an overview of this proven practice of civic education.

Strategies for Establishing Norms for Student Discussions, Reflection, and Closure

IllinoisCivics.org has curated resources to Create a Safe, Brave, and Reflective Classroom. Resources include strategies for engaging student voices in creating and maintaining norms, questioning, and reflecting on learning.

Professional Development Resources From Illinois Civics

  • The Guardians of Democracy Microcredential course on Current and Controversial Issue Discussions allows participants across the disciplines to engage with a community of practice over five weeks to explore the purpose, role, and function of discussion strategies as pedagogical tools to equip young people with the knowledge, dispositions, and skills to be “Guardians of Democracy”. Further, enhances the practice of educators with strategies and resources to create a classroom climate in which there are equitable opportunities for ALL students to engage in dialogue about essential questions across the curriculum.
  • Visit our Professional Development Calendar for both in-person and virtual opportunities to enhance your practice.
  • Visit our Webinar Archive of online professional development offerings for teachers to use on-demand.
  • Illinois Civics Instructional Coaches are available to work with teachers in their region to plan and implement current and societal issue discussions.