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Learning Experiences

Design/Teaching Strategy

The underpinnings of schoolwide civics; the practices, skills, and dispositions that frame civic learning in the classroom and with extracurricular activities.

Foundational Civic Knowledge

Learning of core civic concepts across disciplines, exploring the role and responsibilities of citizens and government.

Current And Controversial Issues

Intentional discussion of emerging topics and topics of tension in our society emphasizing discourse with multiple points of view.


Opportunities for students to participate in role-playing, problem solving, interactive case studies, and online games which invoke civic learning and engagement.

Informed Action

Opportunities for all students, regardless of academic skill or ability, to engage in civic action by using knowledge and skills to address genuine community needs on a school, local, regional, state, or broader level through inquiry, action and reflection.

Extracurricular Activities

Clubs and organizations foster civic learning and engagement which are representative of student needs, interests, and identities.