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Current and Controversial Issues

Discussion of Current and Controversial Issues

Teachers provide opportunities across disciplines for students to take an active role in current and controversial issue discussions and deliberation by:

  • Critically and productively engaging with the local, national, and international issues and events that animate our political system as well as issues based on student choice
  • Addressing meaningful and timely questions about societal problems and ethical dilemmas that deserve both students’ and the public’s attention and that link to core curricular goals
  • Locating or creating multimodal learning materials to provide students relevant background information in order to form their own opinion, develop effective arguments and counter arguments on varying sides of an issue, and attend to multiple points of view
  • Employing several different models for discussion and ways of making joint decisions as well as demonstrating the pros and cons of each
  • Developing guidelines to ensure inclusive, respectful, productive, and student-led discussions where students listen to understand, clarify, corroborate and question while attending to multiple perspectives and underrepresented voices
  • Creating time for reflection and processing – including consideration of changes in viewpoint and use of evidence