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Teacher Hiring, Assessment, and Professional Development

Teacher Hiring Assessment Professional Development

School leaders have a commitment to hiring, assessing, and developing staff that can carry out the civic mission of the school as well as attend to equity and teachers’ and students’ identity and lived experiences by:

  • Hiring mission-driven staff through democratic processes that include student, staff and teachers
  • Ensuring that teachers and staff contribute to processes and decision-making at the school
  • Providing resources and consistent training for staff members on the components of and approaches to integrating civic learning across disciplines and grade levels through conferences, professional learning communities, peer coaching, planning/collaboration time with colleagues, curricular models, and other available formal and informal opportunities
  • Setting aside time for teachers to reflect and refine their curriculum and practice in order to integrate civic learning
  • Encouraging teachers to learn from their students, colleagues, families, and community members
  • Ensuring that professional development (PD) opportunities are guided by teacher and student feedback