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Informed Action

Informed Action/Service Learning

Teachers provide opportunities for all students, regardless of academic skill or ability, to engage in civic action by using knowledge and skills to address genuine community needs on a school, local, regional, state or broader level through preparation, action and reflection by:

  • Helping students differentiate between different forms of civic participation — including face-to-face and online tactics — and identify when to use various strategies depending on the goal, audience, and context
  • Developing central leadership roles where students lead the preparation, action and reflection
  • Develop a plan to address identified needs in the community by building upon previous civic learning experiences, student knowledge of the community, investigation and research, and discussion
  • Engaging participants in informed, meaningful and personally-relevant action that may include direct action, indirect action, research, advocacy, or a combination of the approaches that are available
  • Facilitating opportunities for participants to engage in an ongoing reflection process that includes deep thinking and analysis about oneself and one’s relationship to society, showcasing what and how they have learned, and connecting learning to essential question(s) of the unit/course
  • Assessing the impact of the project, the ability to meet specified goals, and feedback from community partners (if possible)